A “bikini” was named after a nuclear bomb test in Bikini Island

800px-Operation_Crossroads_Baker_EditThe history of the scanty bikini officially begins in 1946 with the simultaneous invention and marketing of the now familiar two-piece swimsuit by two French fashion designers. In the summer of 1946, when the first post-war experimental explosions of atomic bombs at the Bikini Reef in the South Pacific, Jacques Heim and Louis Reard both introduced the bikini swimsuit to the fashion world. Heim produced his tiny two-piece swimsuit to be sold in his beach shop in the French resort town of Cannes. He christened his innovation the “Atome,” named for the smallest known particle of matter. To advertise his new swimsuit, Heim sent out skywriters above the Mediterranean sky, proclaiming the Atome to be “the world’s smallest bathing suit.”

Unknown person to Jacques Heim, Louis Reard, French designer, had produced a same bathing suit in style and cut. Reard named swimsuit the bikini. To trump Heim’s advertising of the Atome, Reard sent skywriters out above the French Riviera just three weeks after Heim, broadcasting the bikini as “smaller than the smallest bathing suit in the world.” For reasons unknown, the name bikini stuck as the official appellation of the midriff-baring, thigh-revealing, two-piece swimsuit. Doubtlessly, the name was a perfect tag for the fashion bombshell the bikini would become.

Throughout the summer of 1946, and in later summers, the bikini continued to shock its witnesses. As French women paraded across Paris runways in the revealing swimsuits, men’s reactions were …, well you know.

Many newsmen believed the bikini would never be accepted as appropriate swimwear in the United States and would forever remain as an article of attire worn solely by more extroverted French women. However, the bikini would be introduced into American fashion just one year after its birth in France. Until the summer of 1960, however, many American women shied away from the scanty swimsuit. The wearing of bikinis on public beaches, if not actually banned, was heavily discouraged prior to 1960.

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