Holocaust Memorial in Berlin has an anti-graffiti chemical which was made by a company that was making gas for concentration camps


The Swiss newspaper published articles presenting the fact that the Degussa company which was involved in National-Socialist persecution of the Jews was producing the anti-graffiti substance for stelae of the Holocaust Memorial. Degussa had produced the Zyklon B gas used to poison people in the gas chambers.

A problem with excluding Degussa from the project was that many of the stelae had already been covered with Degussa’s product. These would have to be destroyed if another company were to be used instead. The resulting cost would be about €2.34 million. In the course of the discussions about what to do, which lasted until November 13, most of the Jewish organizations including the Central Council of Jews in Germany spoke out against working with Degussa.

The decision was made to continue working with the company, and was subsequently heavily criticized. German-Jewish journalist, author, and TV personality Henryk M. Broder said that “the Jews don’t need this memorial, and they are not prepared to declare a pig sty kosher.”


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