King Louis XIX of France was a monarch for 15 minutes

220px-Louis_antoine_artoisLouis-Antoine d’Artois (the eldest son of Charles X of France) was crowned King Louis XIX of France in 1830, only to abdicate 15 to 20 minutes later. He is considered the shortest reigning monarch.

It is said that the now-King Louis XIX spent the next twenty minutes listening to the entreaties of his wife not to sign, while the former Charles X sat weeping. After that he also abdicated (in favour of his nephew, the Duke of Bordeaux), making history as the shortest-ever reigning king. For the final time he left for exile, where he was known as the “Count of Marnes”. He never returned to France.

Louis Antoine and his wife travelled to Edinburgh, Scotland, in November 1830 and took up residence in a house in Regent Terrace where Charles X was staying.

The Emperor Francis I of Austria in 1832 offered the Hradschin palace in Prague to the royal entourage so Louis-Antoine and Charles X moved there. Francis I, however, died in 1835, and his successor Ferdinand I told the French royal family he needed the palace for his coronation in the summer of 1836.Louis Antoine, Charles X and their entourage therefore left and eventually arrived at the castle of Graffenberg in 1836.

Many legitimists did not recognize the abdications as valid, and recognized Charles X as king until his death in 1836, with Louis XIX succeeding him thereafter. Louis Antoine died in Austria, in 1844, in his 69th year. Upon his death, his nephew the Duke of Bordeaux, who would use in exile the title of Count of Chambord, became head of the royal family of France.

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