Secret historical meaning of Mercedes – Benz logo

437208_715484_2820_3787_13989_CL0436The Mercedes-Benz logo is trademarked by the three-point star, which you will find on all Mercedes-Benz vehicles. It is said that the logo is supposed to symbolize Daimler’s ambition of universal motorization–“on land, on water and in the air.”

The name Mercedes-Benz was derived from combining the name of Jellinek’s daughter Mercedes and Carl Benz’s former company, Benz & Cie.

Jellinek originally had created a car in 1900 called Mercedes. When he joined forces with Daimler’s DMG (Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft) and Benz’s company, they came to be known as Mercedes-Benz.

The logo originally was a four-point star. In 1909, both a three-point and a four-point star were registered as company trademarks and legally protected; however, since 1910, only the three-point star has been used.

While in use since 1910, there have been many variations of the Mercedes-Benz logo. These variations include: a circle around the logo; the words “Mercedes-Benz” embedded in a circle around the logo; and a raised three-point star without a circle around it.

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