Top 10 health advances that changed the world

medicine historyPeople today enjoy longer life expectancy and greater protection from disease compared with earlier generations. Although it is easy to take medical technology for granted. Its  important to recognize the discoveries that paved the way for the improved health common in the modern world. Below is a look 3 the top 10 medical advances throughout history.

  1.  Anesthesia Log ago, surgery was an agonizing experience to be created. When William T. G. Morton began using ether to dull pain during surgery in 1846, surgery was changed forever. Since then, patients have been more willing to undergo the knife when necessary.
  2. X-Rays were discovered by Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen. X-ray technology is one of the biggest medical discoveries in history. With Willi X-rays, scientist can see into the bodies of patients tn find problems and their causes without cutting.
  3. In 1928 Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, one of the first antibiotics. As a result, life expectancy has risen.
  4. Viral infection causes far fewer problems for people today. Discovered in 1796 by Dr. Edward Jenner, vaccines were bolstered by Louis Pasteur. Major diseases, such as diphtheria, tetanus and polio, have been prevented successfully with vaccines.
  5.  DNA was discovered by Friedrich Miescher, DNA was first imaged by Francis Crick and James D. Watson later. DNA is essentially the blueprint of the body, directing the body to produce proteins in specific locations and ways throughout life.
  6.  Vitamins were discovered by Frederick Hopkins and other researchers. People didn’t know that nutrient deficiencies could cause health problems. Now, deficiencies are usually recognized and treated with vitamin in supplements and dietary changes.
  7.  Organ Transplants Surgeons have been transplanting organs since the first kidney transplant took place in 1954. People with damaged heart, livers and other organs now receive transplant regularly, allowing more patient to stay alive and enjoy a higher quality of life.
  8.  Insulin was discovered by Frederick Banting and associated in the 1920s. Whereas diabetes was deadly before insulin was available, it is now treated successfully with exogenous insulin that processes blood sugar and preserves health in patients.
  9.  Birth Control Pills were developed in the 1960s and helped spur a revolution for woman liberation. Since then, women have had more freedom to plan their lives at work and at home by regulating their fertility.
  10.  Genn Theory of Disease first proposed by Lou’s Pasteur after he successfully completed pasteurization in 1862. Genn Theory stated that disease was caused by microbes. Before this, causes of many diseases were simply unknown. Medicine and imitation practices were publicly transformed and haven’t been the same since.

Today, researchers continue to push forward in medical research. Stem cells, bionic organs and other technologies promise major medical breakthroughs in the future. Tomorrow’s consumers will have even more options for staying alive and healthy thanks to the modem counterparts of scientists like those mentioned above.

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