Top richest USA Presidents of all time

presidentsBetween 1789 and 1873, the President’s salary was $25,000 which is equal to $673,000 in today’s adjusted dollars. In 1873, the salary was increased to $50,000 which is worth $992,000 today. In 1909 it was bumped to $75,000 ($1.9 million), then in 1949 it was raised to $100,000 ($967,000) and then in 1969 the salary was set at $200,000 ($1.2 million). A final perk of being President is that once you leave office, you are paid an annual pension of $199,000. You are also entitled to Secret Service protection for life plus a $100,00 per year for staff, an office space and medical insurance. This last perk only existed for Presidents after 1958. Since 2001, The President is paid an annual salary of $400,000. He also has access to a $200,000 travel and entertainment expense account.

Top 10 richest Presidents of all time (with adjusted inflation):

  1. George Washington – $525 Million (Owned 8000 acres of Virginia farmland, 300 slaves)
  2. Thomas Jefferson – $212 million (Owned 5000 acres of Virginia farmland, dozens of slaves)
  3. Theodore Roosevelt – $125 million (Inherited large trust fund, more than 200 acres of land in Long Island)
  4. Andrew Jackson – $120 million (Real estate, 300 slaves)
  5. James Madison – $100 million (Owned 5000 acres of Virginia farmland, dozens of slaves)
  6. John F. Kennedy – $100 million (Father Joseph was worth $1 billion from liquor importation, real estate)
  7. Lyndon B. Johnson – $100 million (Owned a radio and TV station, 1500 acre ranch in Texas)
  8. Bill Clinton – $80 million (Earned a fortune as an ex-president from speaking engagements, book sales)
  9. Herbert Hoover – $75 million (Mining industry, owned millions in valuable real estate)
  10. Franklin Delano Roosevelt – $60 million (Inherited millions, owned hundreds of acres of valuable real estate on the East Coast)
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