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1826 information.

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one thousand eight hundred twenty-six
Square root
Binary number
1826 in Fibonacci Sequence
This number consist from
4 digits
Sum of 4 digits (1+8+2+6)
Composite number (opposite to prime number).
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Interesting coincidence regarding the date of XXXTENTACION's death... X died 5 years and 1 day after the release of News/Flock which is interesting enough in itself but if you add up the digits of 1826 (which is the number of days between June 17, 2013 and June 18, 2013) you get 17. Obviously X says the number 17 was important to him and I bet there are a lot more coincidences to be found with the number. Not that I really believe in the supernatural but I feel like if anyone there could have been something otherworldly going on with him. Like he got 5 years and then was called back to where ever he came from.
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