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So last night I was reading about the 23 enigma, which basically just talks about coincidences regarding the number 23. I've also read some RAW previously and he also elaborated on the 23 enigma. Anyway, today I saw the number 23 thrice. The first was stumbling upon a song by Blonde Redhead called 23. The second was a retweet of a friend about the age of Isaac Newton when he discovered gravity (23). The last one was seeing a news report where 23 people were confirmed killed in the Caribbean from Hurricane Irma. I kept telling myself these were just coincidences and nothing else but since I was bored I decided to look up on some divination sites the meaning of the number 23. This is where it gets really weird. The site said the number 23 meant that your angel is trying to communicate with you that you need to make use of your talents more and the first example it provided was that if I loved to write (which is my sole passion) now was the best time to pursue that goal. The site seemed pretty fake and unreliable but I just couldn't get over how much of a coincidence everything was today. https://trustedpsychicmediums.com/angel-numbers/angel-number-23-meaning/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/23_enigma
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Nissan used the number 23 in racing because the number 2 translates to ni. And, the number 3 translates to san. 23 translates to ni-san. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Number_23_on_Nissan_racing_cars
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23 is the width of the Arecibo Message, sent into Space in search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.
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There are 23 letters in the Latin alphabet.
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Each parent contributes 23 chromosomes to the DNA of a child.
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